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VADS and BOTIKA Improve Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Company Service

27 February 2019


JAKARTA, Indonesia - VADS Indonesia in collaboration with BOTIKA held the # 1 Techno Insight event at MENARA by KIBAR, Cikini, Jakarta on February 27, 2019. To begin its inaugural event which was attended by more than 40 well-known companies in Jakarta, VADS Indonesia and BOTIKA took the theme "Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience ".

This event provides insight to business people, to improve their customer service by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on the digital phenomena that are present today, conventional ways to interact with customers are often not enough, therefore AI technology can surface as a service solution that is currently favored by the public.

"During this time, customer service is more familiar with Customer Service via telephone or voice, now times have changed. Their behavior is more towards social media, chatting, etc. "said Sukkuriya, CEO of VADS Indonesia.

The behavior patterns of customers who prefer to talk through social media applications and chat, make businesspeople competing to follow the trend. AI, especially chatbot technology with that opportunity, can be a solution for business people, who need services for customers more quickly and efficiently.

"With AI technology, we hope that business people can take advantage of the phenomenon of social media to boost their services. And I hope that with this innovation, it can accommodate companies in providing the best experience and services to customers, "said Deddy Hermansyah, Chief of Marketing for VADS Indonesia.

Although human-based services are considered more capable of solving complex customer problems, AI is not exactly worthy of being seen as a technology that is replacing human power massively. On the contrary, AI can help companies intelligently and tactically, to better understand customer needs in seconds.

Ditto Anindita, as the Founder and CEO of BOTIKA, also added, "Business people in the 4.0 era who began to transform using AI, will be able to get a more comprehensive output on customer behavior trends. The output is certainly the main key for business people, to better understand and improve excellent service for their customers. "

Techno Insight # 1 is also questioning the development of AI technology that has high prospects, to be present amid the rapid technological advances in Indonesia. Apart from the behavior patterns of customers who changed from conventional to digital, some children from AI technology such as chatbot, voice recognition, image recognition, virtual assistants to smart speakers, have even been developed by young people in Indonesia.

"We hope that business people in Indonesia will begin to see AI, especially chatbot, as an opportunity to improve their services to customers. The more we know specifically what is needed by the customer, the higher the customer satisfaction with the company, "concluded Ditto.

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