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PT VADS Indonesia Sharing Session "Develop & Share Your Customer Experience"

21 February 2017


Acara Sharing Session "Develop & Share Your Customer Experience" bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kepercayaan serta memperkenalkan layanan BPO & ICT dari PT VADS Indonesia yang berlangsung di JS Luwansa Hotel Kuningan Jakarta (21/2).

The business development in Indonesia is closely related with the role of contact center as the vanguard of customer services. Contact Center is considered to be able to bridge and give solution on customer issues. As one of the experienced contact center services providers, PT VADS Indonesia realizes the importance of innovation to survive and grow in the midst of competition.

Not just stop in customer experience, PT VADS Indonesia has also made several breakthroughs and innovations by helping customer to transform into the digital era. One of them is in the form of Omni-channel. It is a support through multi channel in a single platform in which the contact center does not only use voice channel but also non voice channel such as Facebook, Twitter, email, live chat and Instagram. It is aimed to cope with digital shift and to give a fast response to customer needs.

PT VADS Indonesia realizes that customer’s need is a priority. With the experience of serving more than 50 companies in various industries including government, telecommunication, banking, insurance, hospital and e-commerce, PT VADS Indonesia has consistently implemented its motto as well as its strategy entitled “If You shine, I shine too” to each customer. This strategy explains that PT VADS Indonesia definitely puts concern and is responsible to each customer’s business and indirectly contributes to support the business. 

Deddy S. Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer PT VADS Indonesia, in the sharing session“Develop & Share Your Customer Experience” held in JS Luwansa Hotel Kuningan on February 21st 2017 reiterated that PT VADS Indonesia is committed to give the best. In this event, Deddy shared the story on how PT VADS Indonesia was able to manage various industries. “We have the experience in human resources side. We also have a learning center. Thus, it is not an issue to manage any kind of industries,” said Deddy.

PT VADS Indonesia’s customer is growing significantly. In the end of 2016, the number of customer has doubled from the previous year. It is a great achievement which shows that PT VADS Indonesia is able to meet various business demands. With the increasing number of PT VADS Indonesia’s customer, the agents who are usually called Customer Engagement Champion (CEC) are prepared based on customer demand. CEC is trained with various abilities trough training to be part of the company business development.

A number of awards to PT VADS Indonesia have colored its journey. One of the latest awards is “Best for BPO Services – Indonesia” from APAC Maritime & Shipping Awards 2016 for Asia Pacific level. This has definitely triggered PT VADS Indonesia to deliver better services to customer and to indirectly attract other customer candidates to be PT VADS Indonesia’s clients.

One of PT VADS Indonesia’s customers which have joined as a client recently is Grab Indonesia. It is an e-commerce start up which grows fast. As mentioned by Cut Noosy, Country Head of Customer Experience, Grab Indonesia has enjoyed the advantages for being in partner with PT VADS Indonesia. Previously, customer issues are handled internally. After being in cooperation with PT VADS Indonesia, Grab Indonesia has received helps to manage risk issues. “With the presence of VADS, we can stay more focused on strategic issues to accelerate the company’s goals. VADS has done what has become its expertise,” said Cut Noosy.

Call center business requires sufficient handling and ability. Once it is handled wrongly, then the business will collapse. As stated by Benyamin Sura, Director of Telecommunications of Directorate General of Post and Information Technology (PPI) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo), there were many contact center services providers in Indonesia. However they did not survive in facing the competition.

The government has taken its role as a regulator to manage call center business to grow well and not to be monopolized by certain party. Thus, Directorate General of Post and Information Technology of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (PPI) will reorganize the business to be more efficient and effective.

PT VADS Indonesia is one of contact center services providers which comply and follow the government’s regulations. Therefrom, there is no need for the clients to be worry. With its experience and abilities, PT VADS is ready to answer all challenges. 

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