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PT VADS Indonesia: Delivering Next Generation Customer Experience

24 August 2018



Business continuity in the future highly depends on customer services in this digital era as well as in the future. PT VADS Indonesia provide a solution through experience for the next generation customer.   

Customers' demand on product or services includes means of interaction.In this case, it is a personal contact center. Customers want to be served with their own styles and ways. A more personal contact center will be more interesting for customers. 

With the demand on personalized experience, PT VADS Indonesia held a sharing session entitled: Delivering Next Generation Customer Experience, in the the Hook Resto, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on 8 August 2018. There are new solutions offered by PT. VADS Indonesia called Omni-Channel, Social Media Analytics and Market Leader CRM. 

“With omni-channel, customers are able to personalize their experience through channels such as email, web chat, instant messenger,or social media,” said President Director PT VADS Indonesia, Aurelius Anthony, at the opening ceremony of the sharing session. 

As a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, PT. VADS Indonesia has made a digital transformation in their business process such as Digital Recruitment (for digital talent recruitment in Social Media, Email and Chat services) as well as E-Learning application and process in knowledge transfer acceleration, anywhere and anytime. Chief Marketing Office, Deddy S Hermansyah, stated that a transformation was taken since all business is heading to a digital era in the future. “Previously, a contact center serves only as a call center (voice).  In digital era, everything transforms into contact center services with digital solutions. This is where PT VADS Indonesia takes the role as One Stop Solution to assist its clients to adapt and to support the clients’ digital transformation in the future in order to provide new seamless customer experiences, “ said Deddy S Hermansyah. 

At the sharing session, PT VADS Indonesia also introduced two new partners which would support PT VADS Indonesia into a contact center service provider with digital solution. They are Berkshire Media and Zendesk. 

Berkshire Media is a partner which provides tools in social analytics. These tools make an accurate analysis on customers’ behavior. Meanwhile Zendesk is a leading SaaS-base customer service and engagement platform. Zendesk's suite of products enables omnichannel customer service that is reliable, flexible and scalable to help businesses provide the seamless support their customers expect. 

Shahid Shaaya, founder & CEO of Berkshire Media, explained that around 80% from 270 million of Indonesia’s population was active in social media. This is important in carrying out the social analytic since the data can be analyzed and formulated into a business strategy. “Furthermore, the data can be used in analyzing customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. This is important for a positive perception of a brand,” said Shahid Shaaya.  

Aside from Berkshire Media having social media analytics solutions, PT VADS Indonesia is in partner with Zendesk to support the acceleration of digital transformation.  

Christopher Chong, Channel Sales Manager of Zendesk Asia Pacific said that today's brands are using Zendesk to help transform customer support from a cost center to a profit center. Zendesk can also be implemented quickly in order to see return on investment faster. "Customer experience is becoming as important as your product or service. In fact, more than 80 percent of your customers are likely to defect to another brand as a result of poor customer service. Brands using Zendesk are able to see a return on their investment in a matter of weeks, which means their business can grow faster," said Chris. 

This is similar to a testimony by Halo BCA as one of their clients. “We, BCA especially Halo BCA, choose VADS due to its high quality of human resources by considering that BCA’s duties are growing. Further more, we have the target to increase the status from a Call Center into a Contact Center. Now, we even want to be a Profit Center,” said Nathalya Wani Sabu,Head of Digital Division Halo BCA. 

“In the future, we hope that VADS is able to give a more customer insight and digitalized value added. We hope VADS could assist us in other fields than human resources, “said Cut Noosy, Country Head of Customer Experience Grab Indonesia 

“VADS has assisted us in transforming from a traditional channel to a digital channel that makes us closer to customer,” said Ranni Santi, Head of Customer Care Department PT Palyja.(adv) 

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