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Developing Customer Experience to Strengthen Public Service Quality

03 October 2017


The Rapid development of technology and digital world brings a lot of change to human life aspect, including in delivering of contact center services. Regarding to this, PT VADS Indonesia, focusing on the outsourcing contact center service clearly recognized.

In response of situation, PT VADS successfully developed a breakthrough with their Omni-Channel model. With the new system, it’s expected that all stakeholder of PT VADS Indonesia could be satisfied.

To strengthen the campaign and the products, PT VADS Indonesia held one-day seminar entitled: Building Customer Experience in Increasing Public Service Quality, on August 15, 2017, in JW Marriot Hotel, Mega Kuningan Jakarta. This event was specially designed to invite the audience from government and state-owned enterprise.

“By Omni-channel, we can view the profile of the customer in detail. In this digital era, customer was not only voice, but also active in digital channel,”  Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT VADS Indonesia said.

One of the new system introduced through that event was ‘Crawling’. “The system can provide the customer’s activity in social media in detail. By the innovation, it’s expected to response the complaints very quickly with the right solution,” Deddy Hermansyah added.

Many new innovations developed by PT VADS Indonesia were appreciated by BPJS (social insurance administration organization) Ketenagakerjaan , as one of their clients. With 49,1 million participants, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan was seeking the different service to meet their customer. PT VADS Indonesia delivered the special service named 3C (collection contact center) with three channels: voice, email and SMS.

“It’s impossible to serve one by one. The proper contact center is easy to access, quick response, giving fast solutions. Thank to PT VADS Indonesia, our collection is increasing, especially in micro business sector,” Zainudin, Head of Division Participant Managing of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan said.  

With their topnotch service, PT VADS Indonesia was trusted by many enterprises both private or state-owned. Now, PT VADS Indonesia handled 69 projects with 50 clients.

The compliment is also delivered by Rela Ginting, Deputy Director of Customer Service, Department of Customer Protection of Financial services authority (OJK). “PT VADS Indonesia commits to hand the enterprises in managing contact center properly,” Rela Ginting said.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and information also recognized the achievement of PT VADS Indonesia as the enterprise providing number one contact center. “There are two things to perceive toward the cooperation’s of Ministry Communication and Information Technology with PT VADS Indonesia. First, the minister gives the permit of regulation, and PT VADS Indonesia is the client, after winning the tender,” Iskandar, Head of Sub directorate of call center said. 

Next, PT VADS Indonesia would always deliver their best service to clients and customers. “We are ready to go international. Indonesia resources are qualified as well,” Deddy Hermansyah closed his speech.

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