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DANA Partners with VADS Indonesia for Digital Care Center

25 November 2019


Group photo at the Grand Launching of the DANA Digital Care Center in collaboration with VADS Indonesia

DANA in collaboration with VADS launched DANA Indonesia Digital Care Center service in Jakarta on Monday (11/25/19). This collaboration aims to improve information services to DANA customers.

In this fast-paced world, the customer expects fast and effective ways of communicating. The presence of an integrated Digital Care Center service will provide convenience in obtaining information related to various needs and constraints experienced by the customer so that it can be handled more quickly, precisely, and measurably. Digital Care Center services are at the forefront in responding to the needs of the customer in getting the best quality of service regarding their needs and constraints. Therefore, the Digital Care Center is expected to be one of the bridges to build good relationships with customers by providing convenient services for the customer.

Deddy Hermansyah (Chief Marketing Officer VADS Indonesia) and Juan Almer ( Head of Operations DANA Indonesia) at Grand Launching of DANA Indonesia Digital Care Center.

Juan Almer, Head of Operations of DANA Indonesia said, "We are not working alone but working together, VADS and DANA. Do not ever service us as a client but our customer service to be happy. DANA has core values, one of which is customer first. DANA is a financial technology whose number one service is customer, so we must prioritize service to the customer."

Now DANA has a centralized Digital Care Center service to provide 24-hour services for its customers to answer all needs supported by experienced and trained agents that are integrated with the latest technological innovations. This Digital Care Center service consists of handling all needs, complaints and consumer complaints.

Site visit to DANA Indonesia Digital Care Center

Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of VADS Indonesia said "This is a good start for VADS and DANA. Quoting from Ron Kaufman's article which said that there are six categories of customer service. The first level is criminal service where the customer is angry because the customer is given wrong or harmful answers. Second, there is a basic service where the services we provide make customers disappointed and tell others that there is no need to use our services. Third, there is an expected service where we only provide ordinary services to the customer. Fourth, there is a desired service where we can provide services in accordance with the hopes and desires of the customer. The fifth is a surprising service where we can provide more services than what is expected by customer so that makes the customer happy and will return to us. And the last level is unbelievable service where our service cannot be forgotten by the customer even the best so the customer can promote to friends and others related to our service. Therefore, VADS is expected to be able to provide unbelievable services for FUNDS because we also have a value of If You Shine, I Shine Too. "

"VADS Indonesia and DANA coordinate with each other to make the best service to the customer. At present VADS Indonesia already has 6500 employees. With DANA it can be even greater and we can support DANA to become the biggest fintech in Indonesia, "said Deddy Hermansyah.

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