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Contact Center Business in Digital Transformation Era

01 October 2016


Dari kiri; Aulerius Anthony, Presiden Direktur PT VADS Indonesia, Mr. Lee Hwa Soo, Chief Executive Officer KEB Hana Bank, Nathalya Wani Sabu, Head of Halo BCA, dan Wardhani Soedjono, Komisaris PT VADS Indonesia

The current technology transformation in digital era is promoting a new innovation in Contact Center industry from Voice Channel to Multichannel. Today, it is transforming into Omnichannel. PT VADS Indonesia is ready to come up with innovations in transformation era to provide its best services in improving Customer Experience to partners and end users or customer.

Entering its 8th year, PT VADS Indonesia has been educating on the latest development of Contact Center business. In end of August at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta, executives from various banking industries had the opportunity to hear updates on Contact Center in the digital transformation era from PT VADS Indonesia. Those executives were from Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Citibank, OCBC, DBS, Rabobank, Bank Muamalat, Bank National Nobu, Asuransi Prudential, AXA, and others. The event was also attended by PT VADS Indonesia’s partners such as Bank BCA, Bank KEB Hana Indonesia, Cigna Insurance, Manulife, Commonwealth-Life, Asuransi Raya, Central Asia Raya, and others.

With the tagline of “Make Your Business Easier”, PT VADS Indonesia keeps doing and creating new innovations in Contact Center services. One of them is by developing digital solution along with the development of digital era. In this era, there has been a shift in Contact Center industry from Multichannel into Omnichannel. Omnichannel is the most updated solution from Contact Center since this solution is using one platform (one application) for all communication channels such as email, voice, video call, social media and other non voice channels. Meanwhile, multichannel uses many platforMS (applications). Omnichannel is also a more effective and efficient to respond to customer’s complaint promptly in a single platform (one application).

According to Aulerius Anthony, President Director of PT VADS Indonesia, Omnichannel has enabled all communication channels with customer in social media such as Twitter, Facebook and others to be in one application. In fact, it is more effective. With omnichannel, it is easier for the company’s Customer Service to find out the experience journey from the profile of customer making the complaints through social media and to carry out the solution as well. As the impact, customer’s complaint through voice channel (telephone) is declining since the complaints are sent through the customer’s gadget. “There is a shift from voice to digital. By this, it is more practical,” said Anthony while explaining that this was the first transformation in Contact Center business in the digital era.

With Omnichannel solution, the customer’s complaints can be responded quickly since Customer Service in Contact Center & Walk in Center can interact and conduct escalation process promptly to Subject Matter Expert (SME) or experts in the company. The experts can easily access through Gadget, Smartphone, and Internet even if they are abroad. “Result & Benefit of Omnichannel technology may increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) with the final goal to improve a positive Customer Experience,” said Deddy S. Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer PT VADS Indonesia.

The second transformation in Contact Center business is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to welcome Cloud era. There is an interesting thing in Cloud services. It is B2B application solution with pay-per-use business model namely Marketplace. “We have started this service this year,” explained Anthony.

Despite of the development of Contact Center business, it is no need for PT VADS Indonesia’s partners which are planning to develop Omnichannel or ICT solution to spend capital expenditure to buy new devices.  They only need to use the existing devices and then upgrade the devices. “We have provided all services supported by PT VADS Indonesia’s human resources with the expertise in their fields and also by VADS Group Malaysia,” said Anthony.

Meanwhile, Nathalya Wani Sabu, Head of Halo BCA, confessed her satisfaction on PT VADS Indonesia’s services to BCA. According to Nathalya Wani Sabu, PT VADS Indonesia is managed by experts in Contact Center industry. The experience of PT VADS Indonesia in Inbound and Outbound (Teleservices) is not only locally but regionally and internationally. “We are very happy with PT VADS Indonesia which treats us not only as a partner but also as a best friend. Thus, the relationship is even deeper,” said Wani with a smile.

Besides BCA, other partner which confessed to be satisfied with PT VADS Indonesia is Lee Hwa Soo, CEO Bank KEB Hana Indonesia. According to Lee, KEB Hana Bank has been in partner with PT VADS Indonesia for more than three years. They have enjoyed its direct benefits in developing the business and elevating its rating in banking industry. “PT VADS Indonesia is very quick and sincere in responding our needs. They also have good solution that makes us and our agents feel satisfied,” said Lee.

Indeed, customer satisfaction has become the target of PT VADS Indonesia to support the business of its partners. It is in line with its spirit and motto which says “If you shine, I shine too”. 


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